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How we can help with a breech baby:

Though we are are not obstetricians and we do not guarantee that a baby will turn, we may be able to help if your baby is in a breech position. Obstetricians and midwives from all over Los Angeles and surrounding areas regularly refer their breech clients to us for help. Dr. Elliot Berlin and his team help several hundred breech babies each year, helping them to naturally slide into the proper pre-birth position and avoiding cesarean sections.


We utilize the Webster Technique in conjunction with Dr. Berlin's Uterine Release Technique as well as Jason Starr's acupuncture and moxabustion treatments.  These techniques are gentle and typically very comfortable and do not attempt to turn the baby by force. Rather, we work to normalize the pelvic muscles and bones in order to alleviate tension from the lower part of the uterus and allow the baby to settle naturally into the proper pre-birth position.  The treatment is also used to create as much functional pelvic space and relaxation for the mother as possible. Overall, the goal is to optimize labor and delivery and reduce the need for induction, cesarean section, or other medical intervention.

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