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Jason Starr, LAC

Jason is a licensed acupuncturist and herbologist and he has been with Berlin Wellness Group for more than a decade. He received his BS in Environmental Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, before receiving his MS in Oriental Medicine from Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA. He has received extensive training in prenatal care, fertility, and pain management. In addition to helping people achieve their fertility goals, Jason has helped hundreds of expectant mothers with a wide range of discomforts throughout their pregnancy. He specializes in helping his prenatal patients have the easiest and most natural pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. 

Jason is committed to integrating all disciplines of medicine to benefit the patient's health. He uses traditional Chinese medicine to correct imbalances within the body, while much of his treatment focuses on overall wellness and stress relief. He places a great importance on educating his patients about the process of acupuncture and the benefits of herbal remedies, and he offers advice regarding nutrition and exercise in order to quicken recovery time and to improve general health. 


"Jason Starr is a really lovely guy. His herbs have cured my kid's ear infections when no antibiotics could and he has fixed a wealth of problems from head colds, to pregnancy hemorrhoids for me, and even started the labor of my overdue 9 lb. son." 

- Leslie

"I could not have survived my pregnancy without Jason.  He was able to relieve my morning sickness when nothing else worked and restore me to a level of functioning. He was patient and kind and would not rest until I felt relief. I highly recommend Jason to anyone struggling with morning sickness."

- Anonymous 

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