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Bodywork for Birth

Bodywork for Birth is a combination of modalities such as massage, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, essential oils and chiropractic adjustments used to help keep a laboring mom feeling relaxed, safe, comfortable and functional promoting a smooth and enjoyable progression of labor.  Our team of providers is on call for you 24/7 and supports birth in any environment; hospital, birthing center or home.

Our program and protocols were developed by prenatal chiropractor and labor support doula Dr. Elliot Berlin after being called to several births complicated by painful back labor, stalled labor, malpositioned babies and babies appearing to have difficulty passing through the pelvis.  After sucessfully helping to bring many of those births back on track and avoiding unwanted interventions, and bringing his bodywork modalities into birth with his labor doula clients, Dr. Berlin developed a program for providing hourly bodywork for any laboring woman.

For inquries, please use the contact box below, call (323) 549-0070 or write to

We arrive when you like and leave when you like depending on your goal.  Most often, it makes sense to aim for our arrival at about four to five centimeters and we stay through the end, or until you no longer desire bodywork support.


1. Fees: The fee for labor bodywork is $500 for the first two hours or any portion thereof and $250 per hour after that.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to retain labor bodywork services and will only be refunded if you follow the protocols outlined below and we still can’t make it to your birth.  There is a travel fee billed after you birth that is $4 per mile from our main office (Wilshire/Fairfax) one way.  


2. Availability: You can choose a  Berlin Wellness Labor Bodyworker, or one will be assigned to you and reach out to you to better learn how we can best support you during labor.  You will exchange cell phone numbers and can call or text 24/7.  You will also be assigned a backup Labor Bodyworker to support you in the event that your assigned provider is at another birth or otherwise can’t attend.


3. Communication:  It is imperative that you stay in touch with your provider leading up to your labor and especially that you text early—as soon as you know that you are having regular contractions, so that we can clear non-essential engagements and be available when you are ready for us.  After 10pm please call rather than text; even if it is just to tell us that you are in very early labor.  If possible, we will also stay in touch with your partner, doula and/or practitioner (midwife or doctor) as labor progresses.


Generally, if you love massage then you will love labor bodywork.  That said, there are moments when you may not want to be touched, may want more or less pressure, may prefer an area or technique other than what we are doing or may want me or our practitioner to leave the room or go home.  Please don’t feel the slightest bit resistant in telling us exactly what you'd like.  We are here entirely for you and what makes you feel comfortable and helps move your journey forward smoothly and enjoyably.  We will not be insulted; we want your feedback and direction.

"I cannot begin to put into words how much it meant to me to have Dr. Berlin here last night. He was so instrumental to the whole process and I will be forever grateful. Without hesitation do I say I couldn't have done it without him. Soo much love for you, my friend.  Thank you.  Thank you."


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