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Babies & Kids


Babies & Kids

As parents, we always want to do what is best for our children from the moment that they arrive. We want to care for them, protect them and prevent them from experiencing anything which may be harmful to them now or in the future. We prudently have their hearing checked, making sure their eyes, noses, throats and vision are developing and working properly. In the same way it is important to monitor the progression and development of the spine, muscles, joints and nervous system. At Berlin Wellness Group, our goal is to ensure that your child's spine is free from any misalignments or restrictions which may cause interference within their delicate nervous system. Our pediatric treatments are safe, gentle and specific to your child's size and developmental stage. Depending on your child's individual needs treatment may include

a combination of gentle Chiropractic care, massage therapy and Chinese Medicine. By detecting musculoskeletal and nerve problems early we hope to prevent more serious developments later in life.

Please feel free to explore our pediatric wellness pages and don't hesitate to call (323) 549-0070 or email if you have further questions.

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